Business Card Printing Tips

Giving your work an adequate description that does it justice is often a challenge. Why not show it, though? Many photographers print pictures on business cards. When he runs into new contacts, he can take them through some of his work right there on the spot, and his business card makes an ideal reminder after he has left. There are several vendors who can print your business cards with pictures on them. You can even choose cards with more than one image, giving your customers several different cards to choose from. The days of the cookie cutter business card are behind us.

business card printerA business card is frequently the very first impression that people get of your company, so it is important to do it correctly. Putting your own artwork or photography to make custom cards can work well, and the process is simple with basic online templates and tools.

These business cards come double sided and most companies print them with full color for little or no extra price, and you can often order them in short print runs. In the past, you had to order in the thousands to get the best price, but that’s not the case anymore. There are many more choices as far as paper as there once were. If you want that glossy look but do not want to harm the environment, most companies allow you to choose recycled papers with a very light satin gloss or with a smooth laminate that has a matte finish.

If you want pictures on your business cards but do not have designs of your own, select one of several different designs from our professionals, and use your own information to personalize them. There are many templates, and you can upload your own logo easily. The sky’s the limit!