7 Tips For Ordering Your Business Cards Online

Your business card is often the second impression people have of your business. The first is of you handing them the card. So you better have a winning combination. Ever been given a business card where they’re scratched out the phone number and hand written a new number? That’s happened to more plenty. What does that tell you about that business? Me too! I ¬†won’t be dealing with them anytime soon!

We provide a great online business card ordering facility and offer these 7 tips for ordering your business cards on-line

1. Use should use good quality stock. A good solid card that looks substantial makes a great first impression

2. Make sure you have a good logo designed and have that logo file saved to your desktop so that you can find it when ordering.

3. Include a catchy, short tag line. Here’s really good one from a pest company I know “You spot ’em – I’ll splat ’em!” Short and effective!

4. Choose your colours carefully and do use colour on your business cards. Black and white can work in some situations but the good use of colour can really make your card.

5. Make sure the card includes all your contact details; after all you do want people to be able to contact you don’t you? And triple check that you have entered all the details correctly. You don’t want to be that person we talked about earlier who had to change their phone number by hand!

6. Choose a good readable font large enough for the average person to read. There’s nothing worse in my opinion than business cards or any other marketing material for that matter that has fonts that are so complex they cannot easily be read.

7. Finally, think about what you can do to stand out from the crowd. Portrait instead of Landscape? Good use of the reserve side of the card, maybe a coupon code?

A good website where you can order your business cards online will also have a phone contact in case you have questions on design, paper quality, artwork etc.

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