Digital Printing Techniques

Digital printing can be defined as a process of printing by the transference of a document  from a personal computer (or similar digital storage device) directly to a printing device.  As with all digital processes, the information on the document is reduced to binary code (digitised) to facilitate storage and reproduction.  As a result of the substantial saving on production costs, digital printing techniques have largely replaced lithography in many consumer and business markets.

The following devices are commonly used for digital printing:

Inkjet printers –    Laser printers –    Multi-functional Peripheral printers Digital printing uses electronic files in print production and there are 2 types of equipment that produce digital printing:
1.    Direct Imaging Press or DI
2.    Digital Color Printer

These printers are both used for quick short-runs in digital printing, but produce different results. Direct Imaging Presses are based on a conventional offset printing method which develops images automatically and are sometimes waterless. Digital Colour printers use Inkjet, Electrophotography or Xerography to develop images and makes use of dry ink, toners or dyes. A Direct Imaging Press may produce better quality results, however, printing done on a Digital Colour Printer is comparable in quality with traditional offset printing. There are three types of digital printing: Variable Data, On-Demand and Web–to–Print.


POD or Printing on Demand, allows for the option of single or small printing runs to be done.  This feature is ideal for businesses that constantly update their printed documents.  On Demand printing is typically done on a Digital Colour Printer and a Digital Imaging Press is used when a higher quality print is required.   A Digital Imaging Press can be used when time and quality are both crucial as the drying time is quicker.


VDP is a personalised and customised type of digital printing used with databases that contain particular consumer information that personalises each item of the same mailing design to individual recipients.  This is ideal for personalising mailings and targeting customer preferences according to ordering history.  VDP techniques are used to supply the same basic information to a group of consumers while personalising the information to each individual.


Web-Enabled printing allows for online customising and personalising of direct mail pieces in a print management program.  Customers choose images to include in items such as brochures for example.  A proof is posted online and when accepted, it is sent for printing  to the supplier with one click.  The print supplier will produce the quantity required and mail it to the client within a couple of days.


Online business cards templates

Business Card Templates Help Get Cards Designed

Operating a business and being successful is the key that a lot of people are trying to obtain. The problem that people have is making sure the people remember them over time. This is often done by using business cards to help the customers or potential customers in remembering the name of the business and what it sells.

The first reason the templates help out is they have everything laid out for people to put their information in place. ABPS business cards added that; by having it this easy to put the information in place, people are going to be able to complete the cards quickly and get the information that is required on the cards. Without this, people may have trouble in getting all the information on the cards or forget something that should be on the card.

A second reason for people to use the templates is they typically have some of the great designs on the cards. With these designs people can easily find the one that is going to match their business and know it will help them in getting to have a profitable business. Without this, people may have trouble in getting to enjoy their business cards because the pictures that are present are not matching up to what the business is doing.

As many people have found out running their own business is a good way to make money. However, people will find that it is nearly impossible to have business growth if they are not handing out business cards to make their name more memorable. This is when people should know about the business card templates and how this is able to help them in getting to expand their business to new heights that they never thought possible for their little company they are running.

Looking To Design Business Cards?

When you are looking to design business cards I am sure that you are looking for quality. You want something that will speak to your clients or customers in a positive way. I am sure that you want something that’s going to attract even the most stubborn client. You need something that looks clean and professional while still having a unique design that people will remember.

business cardsRemember that all designs on your card should be simple. you do not need a card that’s going to be an eye sore. The real business cards that attract the most customers or clients are the ones that are easy to understand. If you must have illustration on your card you need to keep it to a minimum.

A great thing to remember about business cards is the font Times Roman Numeral. People will give up on trying to understand your card right away if they cant read it. The standard is times roman numeral, so that’s what you should go with.

You also need to make sure that the lettering isn’t so small that you can’t read it. You should try and use at least a 12 point font. Remember that just because you can read it does not mean that anyone else will be able too. I am sure that you want to be able to attract an array of customers young and old.

Always use white paper and black ink. If you do not your card will be hard to read. besides, you do not want a weird color to distract from you having an amazing business.

If you follow these simple rules you should have no trouble at all with making the perfect business card. sometimes the simplest ones are the ones that catch the most eyes.

Red Heeler; online business card design service.

Business Card Printing Tips

Giving your work an adequate description that does it justice is often a challenge. Why not show it, though? Many photographers print pictures on business cards. When he runs into new contacts, he can take them through some of his work right there on the spot, and his business card makes an ideal reminder after he has left. There are several vendors who can print your business cards with pictures on them. You can even choose cards with more than one image, giving your customers several different cards to choose from. The days of the cookie cutter business card are behind us.

business card printerA business card is frequently the very first impression that people get of your company, so it is important to do it correctly. Putting your own artwork or photography to make custom cards can work well, and the process is simple with basic online templates and tools.

These business cards come double sided and most companies print them with full color for little or no extra price, and you can often order them in short print runs. In the past, you had to order in the thousands to get the best price, but that’s not the case anymore. There are many more choices as far as paper as there once were. If you want that glossy look but do not want to harm the environment, most companies allow you to choose recycled papers with a very light satin gloss or with a smooth laminate that has a matte finish.

If you want pictures on your business cards but do not have designs of your own, select one of several different designs from our professionals, and use your own information to personalize them. There are many templates, and you can upload your own logo easily. The sky’s the limit!


7 Tips For Ordering Your Business Cards Online

Your business card is often the second impression people have of your business. The first is of you handing them the card. So you better have a winning combination. Ever been given a business card where they’re scratched out the phone number and hand written a new number? That’s happened to more plenty. What does that tell you about that business? Me too! I  won’t be dealing with them anytime soon!

We provide a great online business card ordering facility and they offer these 7 tips for ordering your business cards on-line

1. Use should use good quality stock. A good solid card that looks substantial makes a great first impression

2. Make sure you have a good logo designed and have that logo file saved to your desktop so that you can find it when ordering.

3. Include a catchy, short tag line. Here’s really good one from a pest company I know “You spot ’em – I’ll splat ’em!” Short and effective!

4. Choose your colours carefully and do use colour on your business cards. Black and white can work in some situations but the good use of colour can really make your card.

5. Make sure the card includes all your contact details; after all you do want people to be able to contact you don’t you? And triple check that you have entered all the details correctly. You don’t want to be that person we talked about earlier who had to change their phone number by hand!

6. Choose a good readable font large enough for the average person to read. There’s nothing worse in my opinion than business cards or any other marketing material for that matter that has fonts that are so complex they cannot easily be read.

7. Finally, think about what you can do to stand out from the crowd. Portrait instead of Landscape? Good use of the reserve side of the card, maybe a coupon code?

A good website where you can order your business cards online will also have a phone contact in case you have questions on design, paper quality, artwork etc.

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